Coffee against the skin cancer

To take coffee and also to apply it directly on the skin can result efficient to prevent the cancer of skin provoked for the extreme exposition to the sun. According to a study of the University of Rutgers (U.S.A.), the caffeine acts the molecular level inhibiting a protein in called skin ATR that, to the neutralized being, leads to the destruction of the cells that had suffered some type of damage for the ultraviolet rays.

The researchers had modified rats genetically to reduce in its skin the function of protein ATR, primordial in the multiplication of cells of the skin injured by the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

After 19 weeks of exposition to the ultraviolet light, the modified rats had developed 69% of tumors less and had developed four times little invasive tumors. However, the protective effect had not been permanent. After 34 weeks of exposition to the ultraviolet rays, all the rats had developed tumors, as it published magazine PNAS today.

- “The caffeine could be become into one efficient weapon in the prevention of the cancer because it inhibits the ATR and it acts as protective solar absorbing the ultraviolet light”, it assures Allan Conney, coautor of the study, that has forecast to test now, through new experiments, the effectiveness of the topical use of this substance in human beings.

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