Wine tinto against the sedentary life

The exercise can be served in a bottle… of wine. A present antirust substance in high amounts in the grapes and the wine tinto, resveratrol, prevents the negative effect of a sedentary life in the organism, according to a United States research published by magazine FASEB Journal.

The scientists had carried through the studies having submitted a group of rats to a sedentary environment, that limited the movement. To a group they had supplied resveratrol. The rodents, in natural way, had started to suffer to reduction from mass and muscular force and had generated resistance to the insulina. Also they had presented low of minerals and an atony in the bones. However, the rodents that had taken resveratrol, although the little physical movement, had not developed negative consequências.

- “They exist given and information of as the necessary human body of physical activity, but, for some of us, to have this activity is not so simple thus”, explains Gerald Weissmann, publisher head of the magazine, making the obliged reference to the submitted astronauts the gravity lack, or sick people also not to move in the bed during its convalescence and the workers who more pass many seated hours that the recommended one in the office.

- “Resveratrol is not a substitute of the exercise, but it can diminish the deterioration process until the individual can come back if put into motion”, it adds Weissmann.

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