Antimatter propulsion

For example, positively it loaded antiparticle of the proton is negative loaded antiproton, and negative it loadedantiparticle of the electron is positively loaded proton.

The Antimatter is substance (the name is something disoriented as antimatter is substance still, only a different type) this is composed of antiparticles. The Antimatter has the interesting property that when shocks with the regular substance, them is come to ruin to produce electromagnetic radiation, mainly in the form of x-rays and rays of gamma.

The Substance-Antimatter reactions completely convert substance into energy, and are, therefore, half the well efficient one to produce energy. This tremendous amount of energy could be converted the electricity that can set in motion another system of propulsion, or could be converted to heat.

The thermal energy can heat a gas the very high temperatures, that could be used as a booster.

The same energy could be converted to light that, when focused in a direction, really can impel a ship ahead.

Unhappyly, the antimatter use has two important disadvantages.

First, because it destroys all substance in enters contact with, it has not half known to contain it.

As, and what it is more important, Antimatter is extremely rare.

By the way, the only one places can be found is in laboratories.

It was only produced in extremely small amounts e requires more energy that produces.

The cost to create antimatter is astronomical -- one calculated 62,5 trillions dollar for gram! While it improves the technology, even so, the price is waited to knock down to some dollars of billion for gram.

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