Talk Of The Teamses

rês months later, in the end of June of 1950, more appeared another notice, qualified for officers of the American Air Forceco me a unhaired of all those on flying records. The small Talk weekly of the Teamses published two photographs as test of the existence of flying records. One said that they had been taken in Arizona. The first one showed an enormous flying record very inclined. The legend of the photo said:

“Reached for bombs rocket, the record blew up producing a rain of sparks and around of 20 silver-plated capsules they had fallen in the land of its interior”.

To another photograph it was most interesting and impactante. It approximately showed to a small being with a meter of stature and brilliants clothes. The “Martian” was supported for two men of over all that without a doubt they had the appearance of agents of the government. Detrás of these personages if could see two young that seemed perplexas and filled with earth. The second legend said:

“When breaching itself one of the capsules, the first Martian was captured. The eyewitness McKennerich, of the Phoenix, private policeman, informs the following one: `The importance of had haunted me to the moment. It saw a being of another world for the first time. At the same time it surprised me the desperation of the “aluminum man”. Its body was covered by one shining leaf of this metal'. The Astroroof of Phoenix esteem that this fabric metallic can serve of protection against the cosmic rays”.

Soon the journalists had treated to locate to the such McKennerich, with unfruitful results, whereas in the Astroroof of Phoenix they had informed not to know nothing of the subject.

History smelled the fraud and not even it was original. It was plagiarized history of the capsules of the magazines and quadrinhos of Superman. None of the ufólogos of that time, including major Donald and Keyhoe, believed history.

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