One of the most known prophet and astrólogo was Nostradamus, that was born with the name of Michel de Nostradamus in Provença(France), in the afternoon of day 14 of December of 1503, a thursday. It learned astrology and astronomy (that in the height they were only one same one disciplines) with the maternal grandfather and received trainings medical.

Its dons of the prophecy had become evidentes close to the thirty years. Nostradamus developed them and started to registar its forecasts in a workmanship where it worked during four years. Published in 1555, its prophecies had attracted the attentions immediately; according to its biógrafo, Chavigny “had become the subject of colloquy of the Europe Occidental person”. The forecasts are enigmatic, full of trocadilhos and anagrams and do not meet for chronological order, jumping in the time and the subjects. But Nostradamus gave the dates of some prophecies.

It foresaw, for example, the great plague of London (1664-65) as “the great plague of the maritime city”; the great fire of London (1666); the battle of Waterloo and the exile of Napoleão for the island of Helena Saint (1815); e World War II (1939-45).

Nostradamus really augured war in air and seems to have had clear visões of air combats, with pilots in similar cabins in certain way the pigs and using contact it saw radio, as we can read in squares 64 of century 1.

They will find that turn the sun during the night,

When the half-man,

half-pig will be seen,

They will occur barulhos, cânticos, battles in the sky

E to hear it to the voice of animalescas crossbows.

Futuristas still today in its description of what it can perfectly be a series of nuclear attacks, in the height of a new to be able of the Antichrist, as can be seen in first three verses of squares 41 of Century 2.

The great star will shine during seven days,

E a cloud will make to appear two suns,

The great dog will uivará during all the night…

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