10 ways to be more intelligent

10. It eats fish
Oily fish are rich in DHA, acid greasy responsibleOmega for 40% of the formation of the cellular membranes and can improve the neurotransmissão. The DHA is necessary for the development of the brain of the embryo and some studies had bound diets with sufficient fish to the reduction of the mental decline with the advanced age. But before you bite isca it knows that these studies if had based on what the people remembered to surplus its diets, a task that full the fish. Tests with Omega in rats had not shown improvement in the cognitivas abilities.

9. It drinks tea
The caffeine of the green and black tea makes the body to catch locks in it and sharpens the mind. It is not good for drinking coffee and energy. For an excellent cerebral profit it makes regular pauses to drink tea. Small doses during the day are better of what taking an only great dose.

8. Without panic
While a light nervousness can improve the cognitivo performance, periods of estresse intense transform in them into neandertais. It tries to control its breath.

7. More to devagar
The phenomenon announced for call of “dynamic reading” does not exist there. The least if its concept of “reading” mean to understand the text. Studies show that the fast readers go very worse when questioned on the text. The motor reply of the retina, and the time that the image leads to go of stains for the thalamus and after that to the visual cortex for processing, limits the eyes for about 500 words per minute, in maximum efficiency. The common university student reaches, about the half of this.

6. He remains myself sharp
Italian researchers had discovered that people who have 65 9 years more than that they walk about km per week in moderate step have 27% little possibility to develop dementia of what adult sedentary. The researchers think that exercises can improve the sanguineous flow in the brain.

5. He practises
He practises the types of questions that appear in the intelligence tests. To if preparing for problems verbal, numerical and space, typical of the psicrométricos examinations, you he can improve its props up.

4. Zzzzzz
To take off one soneca fast in the office can leave its irritated head? It informs it that you, in the truth, in accordance with deserve a promotion the last results of the studies on sleep. A brief nap can improve its memory, exactly that it lasts only six minutes.

3. Videogame plays
Everybody that begged now for a videogame goes to know optimum argument to obtain one: “You do not want that I have a visual coordination and motor inferior, he wants” Now you can speak that to some they become it games more intelligent as well as the Brain Age, of Nintendo. After careful efforts the players “they feel its brains to rejuvenescerem”.

2. Exercises
Studies show that students who practise regular aeróbicos exercises help to construct gray and white substance in the brains of older adults. In children the high point was to take the best performances in cognitivos examinations.

1. It discovers
To learn new things can strengthen the brain, especially if you believe that she can learn new things. It is a vicious circle: When you think that she is becoming more intelligent, you you study more, creating more connections between the neurons.

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