The flying fish glide as well as the birds

These typical swimming adventurers of the tropical and subtropical oceans have the honor to have been the first creatures to fly in our planet. Recently, researchers had captured one of these fish in its environment they had stuffed and it of foam before placing it in a wind tunnel. When studying its aerodynamics, had discovered that its barbatanas obtained one better rise and a lesser resistance that the wings of many insects.

Although known as flying fish, in the truth plain senão does not fly that in air. According to study published in the Journal of Experimental Biology, its income in the aerodynamics tests was so good how much of so representative birds of the acrobatic flight as the hawks. This could explain why the fish are capable to glide on waters the so impressive distances as 200 meters. Obviously, nor the butterflies nor the hawks have necessity of being great gliders, since they can move its wing the will.

Of ticket I leave an excellent video of the BBC on the flight of these fascinating aquatic creatures.

E in the following video of péssima quality, recorded for a team of the Japanese television channel NHK is possible to see a fish-flyer gliding in air during 45 seconds, in that it can be the recorded flight longest already of this species.

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