Nuts help to preserve the heart

Two nuts per day are enough to help to deal with the cholesterol. Nuts and pistachio nuts are foods with capacity to reduce the levels of triglicerídeos, responsible elements for the formation of plates of fat, and the LDL, the bad call cholesterol.

The good notice is that beyond preventing the great enemies of the good cardiac health, these foods increase the HDL, considered the positive cholesterol.

These conclusions are resulted of a research lead for the School of Public Health of the Universida de Loma Rasp, in California and had been divulged by the small farm in the Internet of the periodical the Globe. The published work already evaluated 25 studies with developed clinical tests in seven North American cities.

The involved doctors in this projecto had analyzed clinical research of 583 men and women, with ages understood between the 19 and 86 years, in the period between 1992 and 2007. During the research, the participants had increased the consumption of nuts of zero for a average of 67 grams per day.

The results had demonstrated that the individuals that had consumed 67 grams of nuts turn its taxes triglicerídeos reduced in 10,2%. The LDL lowered a average of 5,1 7.4%, in the people with raised levels more. The participants with higher cholesterol levels had also tried a reduction positive of the total cholesterol (of 7,45 9.6%).

The benefited greaters had been the individuals that had consumed 20% of its daily calories in nuts, what it is equivalent, in a diet of two a thousand calories, the 400 calories of nuts.

“The nuts are rich in fats not saturated, the main ingredient to lower the cholesterol”, explain Joan Sabaté, responsible for projecto. “The nuts also are the protein sources most powerful between the plants, beyond containing staple fibres and fitoesteróides, that they help the cholesterol to be absorbed, concludes the investigator.

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