Water of the sanita cleaner than ice

Jasmine Roberts, of 12 years of age, won the first prémio of science of its school, when obtaining to prove that the water of the sanitas of the restaurants of fast food is cleaner than the ice that the samerestaurants serve in drinks.

According to Tampa Bay periodical ¿ s 10 News, of New Cover in the Flowery one, the girl made experiences in five local restaurants of fast food.

In its theory for the work of the school it affirmed that “he was most likely to find bacteria in the ice of drinks of these restaurants that in the water of the sanitas”.

In all the restaurants, Jasmine Roberts, pulled the autoclismo and removed, using gloves, samples of water for small containers. After that it asked for ice, in a cup, the same establishments. In house, in its small laboratory, it made all the tests.

“I concluded”, affirmed Jasmine to the periodical, “that in 70 percent of the cases had more bacteria in the ice that in the water of the sanita”.

Its projecto won the prémio maximum of the school that frequenta and now goes to concur for the Regional Fair of Science (with more schools).

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