Frank Lentini

It does not go to think badnesses, Frank Lentini had 3 legs literally. It was born in 1889 in Siracusa (Sicily) in a family with eleven children. He was led by its aunt, still baby, for an orphanage of invalids, later que its parents had opposed to recognize it as son.
Lentini was born with three genital legs, two agencies and a foot in the knee of the third leg. Thus, in the total, it had three legs, four feet, sixteen fingers of the feet, and two functional genital agencies that were everything what it remained of a twin parasite.

The doctors had decided for the removal of the agencies therefore could not result in paralysis and until the death. When he had nine years of Frank age he left the orphanage of invalid children in which certain period lived and was led for U.S.A. to be shown in circuses of aberrations.
The Football player of Three Legs worked in the Ringling Brothers Circus making a spectacle of great success called “”. What more it attracts the public one was the disjointed way of Frank to if moving with the ball, due to difference of length between its three legs.

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