Saliva Quanta a person produces to the day

Normally, our glands salivares, that they meet in the interior of each cheek, the inferior part of the mouth and under of the jaw (in the part frontal of the mouth), producea average of 1 approximately the 2 liters of saliva to the day. This amount is changeable since it goes diminishing as pass the years. It is calculated that throughout our life we can arrive to produce 34 a thousand liters approximately.

You obtain to imagine what she represents this volume? Therefore then he knows that he would give to full a swimming pool of 4x4 meters for 2 meters of depth and still pra would sobraria saliva to full two boxes of agua of a thousand liters.

The daily production of saliva can vary in function of our diet, of some medicine and the ingestion, I smell or food vision - the one that familiarly we know as “to give water in the mouth”.

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