Sleeve with Milk

“Sleeve with milk makes badly, boy”. Who never heard the phraselguma time in the life? If you already tried to mix these ingredients, excellent, already she knows the truth. Already for that still they believe the belief, an important message: everything is lie.

This popular crendice is very old, and directly is related to the slavery in Brazil. As it is known, one of the used ingredients more in the feeding of the enslaved ones was milk. Already the sleeves, originary fruits of India, were considered noble, being only destined to the elite of the time.

There that it is the explanation of everything. _ forbid the slave to eat the sleeve be something almost impossible, have see the abundance of the fruit. Thus, of device they had started to say that the mixture of the sleeve with milk would take the individual to the death, enslaved them to you only not to eat of the fruit.

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