Rugas and marks of expression

Rugas e is beautiful ademais useful. At least it is what it affirms a recent British study affirming that the people who have many rugas are less inclined to suffer skin cancer. The doctorshad observed that the majority of the patients intervined for such reason had the skin with little or none ruga.

In the study carried through with 239 septuagenários volunteers, they had established a classification of one eight for abundance and depth of rugas and marks of expression. They had also taken in account other factors as the age, the sex and the habit to smoke. E effectively, had proven that the people with equal or bigger an index of rugas that the five risk to contract skin cancer was inferior in up to 90%, compared with the other people. The causes completely had been not yet clarified, but the scholars consider a hypothesis:

“The solar irradiation destroys the colágeno of the skin, that is the responsible protein for the elasticity and viço, whose deficit is necessarily the cause of rugas. In the people with smooth skin, by the visa, the colágeno is substituted by a factor of called growth TOP-Beta, whose growth harms the imunológico system, perhaps what basalioma would explain the biggest propensity of the people without ruga to the call, that is the form of cancer of more frequent skin.”

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