As the clean soap

To perceive as the soap functions (or sabonete), it is necessary to look at for an individual molecule of the soap, composed for carbon, hydrogen and oxigénio. It has a “head” that attractsthe water and a tail of hidrocarbono that she is hidrofóbica (has “fear” of the water) but adores the fat and oils.

The head of the soap molecule is attracted by the water, enquando that the tail is attracted by the fat of the body.

When we enter in the bath, the water does not penetrate well in the skin. This happens because the tension of surface of the water does not allow that it if penetrates in the skin.

When we use the soap, the hidrofóbica tip of the molecule of the soap tries to run away more than it can of the water, enquando that to another tip it is attracted by the water. The result is a film that breaks the tension of surface of the water, allowing that it if penetrates in the skin.

Now that the water and the soap obtain to arrive at the skin, the molecules enter in phase 2 of the cleanness process. The pores of the skin segregate oils that create a barrier that protects in them of the half exterior. This layer of fat grasps the dust, DIRT, and other substances that make in them to feel “dirty”. When the tail of the soap molecule (that it adores the fat and oils) enters in contact with the skin, it grasps it the oily layer that contains the impurities. When we pass water superficially, the head of the molecule one grasps it the water and it literally pulls the DIRT of the skin, leaving us clean.

Therefore, if pde not to say that it is the water that clean the fat, yes the soap molecules, since these are between the skin and the water.

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