Lands in the Moon

American is in Portugal to vender lands in the Moon for 25 euros the hectare
Dennis Hope, an American who if nominated President of the Galactic Government, is in Portugal to vender lands in the Moon “with sight for the Land”, a business that started has 20 years more than and seems to relieve millions to it

In a luxurious hotel of Lisbon, Dennis Hope today gave of morning a press conference to inaugurate the Lunar Embassy in Portugal, a space in the Internet where any one can buy “its property with sight for the Land” for 25 euros the hectare.

The man says to be owner of the “only real estate agency legally qualified to vender lands in the space” and already he negotiated certified more than of property with 300 a thousand people.

Between its customers they are personalities politics as Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush and the stars of Hollywood Nicole Kidman, Clint Eastwood, Tom Cruise and John Travolta, guarantee

From today on, also the Portuguese can acquire a property for 25 euros the hectare, receiving as guarantee a Lunar Writing, a Constitution, a Mineral map of the property, Rights and a copy of the original declaration of detention of property of the Moon.
“I do not believe that somebody thinks that it is really to acquire one hectare of the Moon”, the jurist of the Association of Defense of the Consumer said to the Lusa agency (Deco), Salvador Luis Blinks.
“In legal terms this is a situation where the people will not be able to come to invoke that burla had one, because is too much evident what it is to pass. Suspected that no court can come to give to reason” the complaining futures, the jurist alerted.
However, and in accordance with some sites in the Internet, the business already relieved six million dollar more than (4,4 million euros) and the Lunar Embassy guarantees the future customers to be impossible to vender land the same more than a person.

The embassy still supplies pertinent information to the future proprietors, as in the distance of the Land the one that will be its new land: 384.400 quilómetros.

The lunatic projecto that today Portugal arrived started in 1980, when Hope was to the land register of San Francisco (California, United States) and required the property of all the solar system, to the exception of the Land and the Sun.
The American complained the property of the Moon and other planets being based on a law of the Old North American West of century XIX, “that he grants to the vacant land property the first one to complain that”, explains them the site.

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