Stripes of the dental cream

Because the different colors of a dental cream with stripes do not join? We go to come back to history until the moment to full the pipe, using a tooth folder consisting of a white base and four stripes, being two blue and two greens.

First, a robot places empty pipes in revolving supports. Later the creams they go down for separate tubings: green cream, blue cream and white cream. Then a sensor accuses to the presence it pipe, and prepares the peak for the wadding. The wadding peaks enter in the pipes for the deep one, until reaching the region of the cover. When going up, each peak fulls the pipe with all the colors at the same time. After full the deep one of the pipe it is pressed and warm, and the plastic melts and forms a weld species. In the sequence, lot information and date are printed matters in the welded area.

Had to the semisolid state of the cream, viscosity of the bases, lack of space for homogenization and mainly the balance of the formula, a color does not invade the space of the other.

Being thus, the closed pipe can be folded and be kneaded that the internal mass of cream will follow without the colors if mix (it does not go to try to also murder the pipe).

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