Why the skin wrinkles after a bath?

What a long bath - it can be of swimming pool, bathtub, sea or even though of shower - is relaxante and very pleasant everybody sabe, now why the skin of our hands and feet is wrinkled? It discovers the reason.

The epidermis - external layer of the skin - of the fingers is composed for a protein - the queratina - that forms an limited protective barrier against humidity, strange bacteria and bodies.

The contact drawn out with the water, however, makes with that the cells of the epidermis finish absorbing water and swelling. To fit the absorbed volume of water, the skin wrinkles.

“The water of the bath “makes marshy” the cells that do not obtain to absorb the volume all eliminate, then the visual effect in the epidermis is to be withering”, says the dermatologist Jaqueline Machry.

For Jaqueline, another important thing is the temperature of the water of the bath. “The more hot greater is this effect and still it goes to cause a drying in the skin, what it increases the impression of skin wrinkled and of even aged still more”, complete the dermatologist.

In accordance with Jaqueline, this “wrinkled” appearance happens in the hands and feet for being extremities, places where if they concentrate humidity still more.

Happily, after drying in them completely, the water retina in the cells of the skin if evaporates and the cells come back to the normal form and size.

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