The Six Fears

Then, these Six Fears are the ones that we have that to fight DAILY so that let us can live in peace. Nor sempre is easy to fight against them, a time that they appear more than in our lives without we let us have the guest and, in the times, catch in them of surprise.
Therefore, never she delivers the points when something in your life not to give certain or did not occur as the waited one. She does not deliver the points and, she has in mind its objectives.

These are the six fears:
POVERTY - Fear to be poor, to get worse of condition, to deprive themselves of certain things,
ILLNESS - Fear to be sick, not to recover, to depend on outrem;
OLDNESS - Fear to be old, to give to work advantages others, to be dependent of the good will of children, relatives and friends;
DEATH - This is the worse fear, therefore we are certain that it will come. The Death is the price of the Life. In the sample that we are not nothing ahead of the Universe and the Divine Law.
CRITICAL - Critical they happen to all instants, it only depends on you to know to listen to them when important or to discard them when unnecessary. Nobody is perfect.
TO LOSE the LOVE OF SOMEBODY - This, in my opinion, is cruelest of all. Cruel for involving feelings as homesickness, low auto-they esteem, feeling of impotence, sadness, LOVE and, finally, failure. Of all the fears, this is what uneasier the hearts of who LOVE somebody of TRUTH. What more than on to the mind, this fear is on directly to the heart.

Although many to say that feelings are on to our brain, I have pra me that, in the truth, who controls the feelings is our heart, mainly the feeling love. To lose somebody of the migraine or pain in the heart? The Heart beats fort, immense, printing the rhythm of the fear to each stroke. You try to doutrinar your mind so that she is not thus, but the heart does not obey, seems that it has proper life. E in my opinion, has proper life yes! The heart is really an incredible machine. While the brain accumulates the souvenirs, the heart keeps the emotions, feelings, affection, affection and the LOVE. I believe that this is the only one of the six fears cited here that are lodged in the heart, and not in our mind. Therefore, in case that you are facing this fear, I believe that you are welcome it will advance to it to try to doutrinar its head, its brain to surpass it, therefore, I have pra me that the problem is in the way it well your chest, in your HEART.

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