Dental implantation in the Eye

When Martin Jones if married has four years, it never imagined that one day would go to arrive to see the face of its wife. To the 42 years the constructor this blind person because of one industrial accident almostthe 10 years, but an implantation using one of its teeth was it made what it to enxergar again.
The procedure, carried through only 50 times that if beginning in the one in Great-Britain gave, uses the segment of the tooth as a support for a new lens enxertadas with pieces of its skin.
After the procedures, Martin came back to enxergar and there yes, it can see the face of its wife for the first time:
“It is wonderful and charming. She was incredible to see it for the first time. ”
It added: “When I discovered that I had a possibility to have my vision in return, the first person who I wanted to see age it.”
In this height already it was the eight years without its vision later that a hot white aluminum pipe blew up in its face in the work.
It had suffered burnings in 37% from its body and had its removed left eye.
The surgery was capable to save the right eye, exactly it not being able to enxergar through it.
All procedure requires the extration of an implanted tooth and in the eyelid covered for fabric. The tooth has that if to keep “living creature” so that it does not have rejection. One I break up of skin then is removed of the interior of the placed cheek and in the eye, where if it acquires its proper sanguineous suppliment gradually.

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