Singularidades extraordinary of usual animals: cupim

All already had spoken, one and another time, on cupins, but few already turn one with its proper eyes. However, they see that incredible, the 2,600 species of cupins that they exist in the world constitute 10% of the total biomass of the planet. After the ruminants, cupins are the creatures contaminantes: its rich diet in fiber is the responsible one per 11% of the global methane emissions.

Therefore speaking in methane, the one stomach cupim if also seems to the one of the cows: it counts on diverse compartments to decompose the cellulose and its intestine lodges 200 types of microbes to transform it into energy.

It is therefore that the industry of the biocombustível is financing the accomplishment of research and studies of these miniature organisms in search of the evidence if they have the secret of the ecologically correct fuel extration from the maize.

Where if cupim bases one to eat one or another wood? In the produced vibrations when it starts to gnaw it. They prefer, therefore, the furniture to the trees. The staple fibres wooden breach it biting them and send impulses to the body that disclose to the type and size of the part.

The blind laborers are the ones that gnaw the wood to directly feed the remain of the colony of its mouth or its anus.

But cupins also can excavate through the concrete. In U.S.A. they are responsible for more damages that the fires and agreed floodings.

Cupins has great familiar values, and ademais are monogamous, although to live in colonies of millions of individuals. The queen seems to the mother of Alien: she can increase up to 300 times its original size because its ovários if expand. The queen of the Odontotermes species obesus, for example, puts an egg for second, more than 80,000 to the day.

In 2007, a research on the DNA disclosed that in reality they are cheap. Its old Isoptera order was stops backwards and now they are Blattodea (blatta in Greek means cockroach). The theory is that the cheap ones had evolved from ancestral similars when they had developed the capacity to eat wood.

Cupins is one of the more popular culinários insects: the proteins contain 75% more than that one filé of cattle. In the Nigéria they vendem broth of cupins in cubinhos.

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