E if the bees disappeared?

Portugal is of the reached countries less, but of 2004 the 2007 had died 3,5 a thousand million bees in the Country. Varroose is the culprit. The Spaniard already had arranged solution: to manufacture “superbees”

The bees are to disappear. In recent years, a little for the whole world, millions of beehives have been decimated. The scene is apocalyptic for flyers, but also for the humanity. As Albert Einstein said: “When the bees to disappear of the face of the Land, the man have only four years of life.” But because they are the bees to disappear? “The cause is still unknown, what the investigators know are that has some factors that can have caused this situation”, it explains the university professor and specialist in this substance Miguel Good Villages.

Although the bees to have an enemy without face, have an illness that the specialists had believed to be responsible for some deaths: varroose. Considered “been of the bees”, this virus is provoked by a mite - varroa - that “weakens the bees and becomes them susceptíveis other illnesses”.
In the year passed in Spain nine a thousand million bees had only disappeared. To fight this flight for the extinguishing, one equips of colleges student of Córdoba decided to create that the one who had called “superbees” (to see infografia). In this process the queens are inseminated and the bees are born fortified, resistant the mites.

In Portugal the population of bees also has come to diminish, but Good Villages believe that “it did not have none I occasion deadly as in the other countries”. Such is confirmed by Casaca João, of the National Federacy of Apicultores (FNAP). “In all the Country, foiz us communicated only one situation of a beekeeper who saw its beehives completely decimated.”

But varroose also worries the national beekeepers. Having in account the bulletin of the Ministry of Agriculture, between 2004 and 2007 it only had a 3 in addition, 5 a thousand million bees. The number makes an impression, but it is brightened up by specialists who guarantee that the number of beekeepers also reduced significantly. However, “little beekeepers, little bees”.

Still thus, varroose is present in Portugal. E the beekeepers have notion of the danger, therefore it is the illness that destroys more beehives in the Country. , By the way conscientious of this situation, the Ministry of Agriculture arrived to distribute gratuitously products afflicts to stop it. Now, already they are not donated, but they continue to be comparticipados. It is perhaps therefore, that the combat to varroose in Portugal if centers in an only method. “The use of acaricidas”, clarifies Casaca João, who guarantees that for here superbees” as in Spain do not create themselves “. Such is also not foreseen in a next future. This because, as it explains Good Villages “nobody is to use the insemination, the only program that exists is of selecção of the queens. Nothing more.”

In Portugal, the numbers also are not so catastrophic. “It is a process that has costs, but is controlled”, explains Good Villages. Moreover, the Country has the “blessing” to have one of the few regions of the world where varroose does not exist, as it is the case of some islands of the Açores.

Apocalypse the black color and yellow

The extinguishing danger them bees is real. In U.S.A., the second power of the beekeeping to follow to China, 60% of the populations of bees had more than disappeared in 24 states. The crisis is such that the Congress had to approve an emergency plan, as it makes in time of war or económica crisis. By the way, under the economic excuse, the secretary of North American Agriculture remembered that “without bees she leaves to exist Coca-Cola”. As who says: gentlemen of the capital move themselves, that the thing is serious.

The numbers in the Europe are not more entertainers. According to daily El Spaniard World, in Italy, Belgium and Germany half of the bees had disappeared. Varroose will not be the only problem and Good Villages believe exactly that “when to discover the real cause, it goes to vary of country for country”. Casaca João remembers some of the potential causes in different countries: “In Germany he has to see with the culture of seeds, about France the pesticide use is thought that it is in the cultures and in Spain it will be the overproduction. He has beekeepers more.”

Certain he is that these polinizadores continue to disappear. E as it would be the world without bees. “Age a catastrophe”, alert Miguel Good Villages. “All the ecosystem would be modified and Einstein, probably, would have reason. It would be a very worse crisis that the económica because we [humanity] would be without food.” It is for this scene that many specialists arrive to evoke the hymn of the United kingdom. God Save the Queen. In Portuguese, God Saves the Queen. The queen of the bees, understands itself.

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