Dog is born with green color and turns attraction

One of the younglings of a labrador hatch turned attraction in Mairinque, the 65 km of São Paulo. A adestrador if frightened with the birth of one of the cachorrinhos, that were born with the one for the esverdeado one. The labrador female gave creates in last day 30, and cãozinho, nicknamed Hulk, was the only one whose for it did not have the yellow color of the group.

The pelagem differentiated, according to veterinarians, is rare to happen. This pigmentação happens for the exposition, during the gestation, of a called substance biliverdina, that is part of the placenta. The news article of the TV Has evidenced in this thursday (9) that the youngling already had lost the green coloration and that the small dog now was with the white pelagem.

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