“Terrible hairy fly” is reencontrada in the Kenya

Scientists in the Kenya had located one of the flies rarest and of appearance more stranger in the world, after a long search for the insect nicknamed “terrible hairy fly”, had announced specialists in this Wednesday .
Incapable to fly, the fly if reproduces in excrements of bats
Scientists toparam with the fly of for yellows for the first time in 1933, and then again in 1948. Since then, at least half dozen of scientific expeditions they had visited a place enters the cities of Thika and Garissa in the attempt to find the fly again.
With about one centimeter of length, and found so far only on an only rock of 20 meters of height, the Mormotomyia fly hirsuta has more similar appearance to a spider that to a fly, which had its hairy legs, had said scientists.

Incapable to fly, the fly if it reproduces in excrements of bats, and gives credit that alive only a humid crack, repleta of bats, in an isolated rock in the Ukazi Mounts. It has very small eyes and not functional wings that remember belt handles.
The researcher. Robert Copeland, of the International Center of Physiology and Ecology of Insects, headquartered in Nairóbi, said that the physical appearance of the fly left the perplexos scientists how much to the place that it occupies in the order of the Dipteras, or “true flies”.

“We collect specimens new to submit them it molecular analysis, to see where accurately the “terrible hairy fly” if incases in the evolutivo process”, Copeland to Reuters for the telephone said.
“It does not present obvious adaptations to grasp it other animals, to dislocate itself from a place to another one. Perhaps with its long legs, a bat obtains to grasp itself to catch hitchhiking. It never was found in none another place.”
The M. hirsuta is the only member of its biological family, and some specialists in flies find that it will finish proving to be the only entirely restricted family of flies to Africa.

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