What it is priapismo?

One is about a drawn out erection, that can last of six the eight hours, provoked for the alteration in the sanguine flow of the penis. “With one it will detail: it is not folloied of sexual desire and yes of a violent pain”, affirms the doctor Clearly Joaquin de Almeida, of the Department of Urologia of the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp). The name of the riot comes of Príapo, god of the fertility in mythology Greek, always represented with one speaks gigantic. Two basic types of priapismo exist: of low flow and of high flow. This last costuma to be caused by traumas in the region of the períneo. Of low flow it is more serious and it appears when, for some reason, the blood becomes thicker. The causes most common are leukemia, anemia falsiforma, traumas in the column and vasoativos medicines, injected in the penis to provoke erection. “Priapismo is emergency case. It must be run for the hospital”, says the urologista Pablo Enrique Egydio, of the Hospital of the Clinics, in São Paulo. “It is not easy to detect the cause: it costuma to be only discovered in 40% of the cases. Everything what modifies the sanguine circulation must be analyzed.” The danger is that if the blood is much restrained time in the penis, all its oxygen is consumed by the cells, having provoked fibrose e, with it, impotence.

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