It is truth that alone we use 30% of our cerebral capacity?

Not! This does not pass of a myth. According to Jackson Cioni Bittencourt, neuroanatomista of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of the University of São Paulo, the deceit appeared from experiments carried through between 1930 and 1950, during neurocirurgias. He was when researchers had used to advantage operations without general anesthesia necessity, where the patient remained conscientious, to stimulate with certain electrodes areas of the brain. “These stimulatons made the people to move parts of the body, to feel cheiros and to see things”, says Jackson. “There, the specific functions had started to associate certain areas of the brain.”

The error was in finding that these areas acted alone, when, in the truth, the brain functions in set. “The difference is that, during certain activities, some regions consume more glucose and oxygen, giving the impression to be working alone”, affirms Vanderlei Cerqueira de Lima, neurosurgeon of the Hospital Albert Einstein. “Today, we know the brain human and we can better say that, even though when we sleep, it functions entirely, in such a way biological - taking care of of the homeostasia, that is the balance of the body - how much cognitivamente; that is: dreaming”.

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