In longínqua time of the dinossauros, has one 140 million years, the crocodiles had arrived to measure 30 meters of length. , Currently even so smaller, they are the biggest existing reptiles in the nature. Its main representative is crodilo of estuary, that lives in tranquilas waters of the estuary of the rivers. Its size arrives to exceed the eight meters of length and lives until the 80 years.
The crocodiles swim with the aid of its powerful tail, moving themselves in the water to a superior speed to the one of a canoe. In land, and although to have short legs, they can also be moved surprising fast. Property, seem floating trunks, what it too much late deceives many of the victims of these reptiles until being.

The hunters pursue the crocodiles for its skin, much appreciated for shoes and luggages. As much in Africa as in India these great reptiles had been declared protecting species and its number already is to increase.

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