Technique can “disconnect” estresse in the brain

Recent research indicates that it is possible to modify the cerebral structure of form to reduce the impacts estresse of it from meditation techniques.

It attends the video on the notice here.

To verify this, the BBC invited the British Todd German, employee of a thematic park of sea life in England, to participate of a course on the state of “full attention”, reached by means of the meditation.

Todd German affirmed that it would like to try the meditation because it faces sleep difficulties. People who meditam would be capable “disconnect” the negative concerns or thoughts.

After one week of tests, German affirmed not to have total if presumptuous, but it admits that the technique allows disconnect a little, to clean the head and also to feel the calm if to transfer to the body.

Looked for the BBC, the researcher Elena Antanova, specialist in studies on the brain of the London university King's College, she affirmed to be possible to change the configuration of the agency voluntarily by means of the meditation, moving away the harmful effect estresse from it.

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