Vaccine without needle. Literally the end of the bite!

Vaccine without needle. Literally the end of the bite!

To take vaccine is a trauma for some people, who consider the bite of the needle are one
“terror”. But and if it was possible to take same vaccines without the bite of the needle? It seems trick, but it is not.

It is literally “the end of the bite”.

In accordance with the research of the Georgia Tech and the Emory University, one I apply a plaster that it includes hundreds of microscopical needles that if they dissolve in the skin, can be the definitive solution for vaccines and some types of injection. With it, any one, exactly lay one, could manage a vaccine with easiness and without pain.

“In this study, us we show I apply a plaster that it with microscopical needles can vacinar at least against Influenza with the same probably better eficência and of what the traditional hipodermica needle”
It said Mark Prausnitz, professor of Engineering Química and Biomolecular of the Georgia Tech School.

It will be the end of the bite? We go to wait the next months, when the vaccine must start to be more used in the United States. The idea is good hein…?

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