Nocturnal cramps

Main point: the cramps in the legs are common anddiscomforted, but harmless. Hot compresses, massages and changes in the feeding can help.

Why I am having cramps in the legs at night?

When you make to cooper, practise some sport as the tennis or are in foot the entire day, its muscles you are so tired that the cramps can appear. The same he happens with the pregnancy. The extra weight that you are loading probably is the responsible one for the nocturnal cramps, that can wake up it when you already are in the fifth sleep. The cramps happen with more frequency in as and the third trimester.

Among others possible causes of the cramps of the pregnancy are the excess of match (present in cooling colds, salgadinhos and) and the mineral scarcity as calcium, magnesium and the potassium in circulation in the blood. The scientists had not yet defined to the certainty. Another possibility is the pressure of the uterus on the nerves that go until the legs.

How I can alliviate pain?


Happily, the cramps are one of those problems of the pregnancy where it has something that you can make to brighten up pain.

When the cramp to happen:

• It makes allonges. It starts straining the leg -- with the feet bent in its direction, as the football players who pull the tip of the foot for itself when are with cramp. Hardly you will obtain to reach its fingers of the foot, but she can go moving to devagar the ankle and the fingers. In the start he goes to ache, but later pain he must improve.

• Massageie the muscle affected for the cramp.

• It takes a bath hot or it places a hot water stock market in the affected region (to also sleep of stocking aid).

• It walks. To walk per some minutes costuma to alliviate them.

It has something that I can make to prevent the cramps?

• It is prolongated before sleeping. If you to prolongate the muscles of panturrilha (the potato of the leg) some times before going for the bed, can until hindering completely that the cramps happen.

• He prevents to pass much time of seated foot or with the crossed legs, and tries not to use jump.

• Whenever he is seated, he puts into motion the ankle and the fingers of the foot -- either in the work, one supper or attending the TV.

• It eats rich foods in calcium. If the cramps will be confusing its life, talk with the doctor, therefore it can prescribe a calcium supplement (but he prevents supplements that have dolomita or flour of bone, because of the possibility of them to contain lead; the lead is a metal heavy that crosses the placenta and can harm the baby). You also can try supplements with magnesium (always prescribed for obstetra).

• He eats bananas and he takes orange juice, rich in potassium. The athletes are fans of this therapy to prevent cramps, even so many consider that the effectiveness of these fruits in the combat to the cramp not pass of a myth. As banana and orange alone they make well in other aspects, cost not to try.

• It prevents cooling, that they contain match sufficiently.

E if pain not to improve?

If pain will be a constant, and not 0ccasional cramp, or if you to perceive swell or sensitivity, speak with the doctor. You can be with trombose, one coágulo sanguineous, that it is a problem (a case to each 2,000 gestations) but rare serious, that she needs immediate medical attendance.

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