Global heating

Much heard recently on the melting of glaciers in the Groelândia throughout the last decades and that the thawing level comes very if speeding up since 1930. Whilethe world if alarms with the global heating, entrepreneurs of the North Pole invoice - and high - with the thawing. Some entrepreneurs finish to launch a mark of beer produced from the water of calotas polar. “The only beer of the world produced with the melted ice of the Groelândia”, guarantees in its advertising. The microbrewery The Greenland Brewhouse, located only the six hundred kilometers of the Artic Circle, is in fact the first one to invoice with derretimo of calotas polar.
The founders Salik Hard and Steen Outzen if are valid the frozen ice of icebergs that if they had unfastened of the layer who cover the region of the Groelândia. Local fishing are in charge selecting which icebergs will be used in the production of the beer. The ice, as it has between two a thousand and one hundred and eighty a thousand years, does not present any pollutant. The water is total limpid. The brewery announces that it produces the product with “the water cleanest of the world”. The owners of the brewery, conscientious that the initiative is controversial and can generate protests of abientalistas groups, support that only they use themselves the ice that already was freed of glaciers in melting.

“We are absolutely conscientious of the global heating and is very important that inside let us not destroy the ice only of the Groelândia, but only let us use the ice that already was freed”, it says the page of the company in the Internet.
Here it is an only product to collect them of beer. The beer of the global heating.

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