30 mutations in the genes for each father

Genetics a father, a mother and two children - a youngster and one rapariga. The sequenciação of the genome of four people of the same family was made for the first time, with some revelations. One of them isa surprise. The investigators had discovered that the parents transmit two times little genetic mutations to the children of what so far he was assumed. The study it is published today in the Science magazine.

Beyond disclosing the tax of mutations that the parents pass to the children, the work carried through for investigators of some centers and North American universities, and co-ordinated for the Institute it will be Systems Biology, in Seatle (U.S.A.), also allowed to locate with precision the small farms in cromossomas where these mutations happen.

Comparing the sequências of ADN (genetic information) of the parents with the ones of the children, the investigators had calculated with one high degree of certainty that each one of the two ancestors transmits 30 mutations each one. That is, 60 in the total.

So far, one thought that each ancestor bequeathed to the children 75 genetic mutations.

“This sample the possibilities that if open if to look at for the set of the genome”, commented one of the authors of the study, Lynn Jorde, of the university of the Utah.

Most of the mutations transmitted for the parents does not have any consequência for the health of the children, in accordance with the actuais medical knowledge, underlines the investigators.

The inquiry still allowed to confirm the responsible genetic mutation for the syndrome of Miller, a rare illness that it produces malformations face and of the members.

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