Baby is born of frozen embryo has 20 years almost

North American scientists had obtained that a woman of 42 years had a healthful son from an embryo that remained frozen almost per 20 years.

The technique was applied in the Institute Jones de Reproductive Medicina, of the School of Medicine of Eastern Virginia, in Norfolk, Virginia.

The woman who received the embryos had registered low a ovariana reserve, that is, low supply of available óvulos, and made treatment of fertilização had ten years.

The doctors had defrosted five embryos that had been donated anonymously for a couple that before carries through the treatment of fertilização in the clinic 20 years.

Of the defrosted embryos, two had survived and had been transferred to the uterus of the patient. To the end of an only pregnancy, the woman gave to the light a boy who was born healthful.

The case was told in a scientific article in the specialized publication Fertility and Sterility, of the American Society for the Reproductive Medicine.

The team, led for the researcher Sergio Oehninger, said that it does not know none pregnancy case where a human embryo has remained as much frozen time - 19 years and seven months.

“To congeal embryos it is one practical one that it only started to be frequent in years 1990, then this certainly was between that they had been congealed soon at the beginning of this process”, explained to the BBC Brazil the scientific director and honorary professor of the Center of Reproductive Medicine of the University of Glasgow, Richard Fleming.

“This is without the shadow of a doubt the case oldest of that already I heard to speak, and shows as an embryo of good quality can perfectly be developed independently to have been generated in 1990 or 2010.”

Time in suspended
The freezing biological suspends the aging of the cells, and the scientists defend that an embryo can remain in this state per decades.

So far, the biggest time that an embryo remained frozen before being transferred to the uterus and being generated a baby was 13 years, in a case in Spain.

In Brazil, the record is of a woman of the interior of São Paulo that gave to the light a born baby of an embryo that is frozen per eight years.

It still has cases of patients who congeal its reproductive cells with therapeutical ends, before treatments that can leave them barren.

In 2004, a couple had a son from sperm that had remained congealed per 21 years.
In this in case that, the father had congealed spermatozoa to the 17 years of age, before starting to deal with a cancer testicule with x-ray and chemotherapy, had left that it without reproductive capacity.

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