Photograph without camera

Many of vocês desire if to deliver to the art of the photograph, but that they do not possess a camera, they will find, in this page, the solution of its problem. They will obtain, to execute interesting photographs without serving itself of the necessary device.

Our material will be the following one: a glass plate of 10 x 12 cm, a cardboard piece of the same dimensions, a small basin, two in such a way wide rubber bands one, a autovirante sheet of paper and a little of hipossulfito. If they do not scare, we will not need to go to a laboratory of nuclear experiences to obtain the two last elements: it will be enough to acquire them, for some cents, in any establishment of the sort. We will ask for to a package of autovirante paper (will be enough a cinquenta, for small photos) and some hundreds of gram of hipossulfito, substance very similar to the kitchen salt. To be knowing something on the special property acquired paper, let us cut one to it one soon quadradinho e, holding it firm between two fingers, esponhamos it, of the shining side, to the alive solar light. We will see, then that it becomes gloomy to the few, until becoming black, but moving away the fingers, we perceive that, where was supported these, the paper remained clearly. We understand, thus, that interposing an object any between the light and the autovirante paper, this will photograph the object. to this point, an intelligent youngster will soon object that, a removed time of the paper the photographed object, the light will cancel to it, time, all the parts of the leves that had been blank. Certain: but this would happen if we soon did not move away from the alive light our photo and we did not dive it in one baciazinha of water and hipossulfito, “will fix that it lastingly”, becoming it insensitive any another exposition to the light.

Let us try, therefore, to photograph a leaf any, exactly kneaded. We support it knot piece of autovirante paper and, so that it adheres well, not leaving to filter the light, let us close it enters the cardboard and the glass and let us press the all with two rubber bands (to see engraving). Later, let us display it the light, until let us notice a total blackening of the paper. Removing, then, our model, it will appear in them reproducing in all its ramifications and will be able to immerge, then, the photo in the small basin where already we dissolve, two colherinhas of hipossulfito.

In this point, we can go to rest, because the hipossulfito works alone; but the curiosity will withhold in them, to observe what it happens in the basin, and this will be valid the penalty: our photograph will move slowly of color, becoming red e, later, again black. Transcorridos the ten minutes, we retiraemos it of the hipossulfito bath we will dive and it in another basin, underneath of the opened tap, way that the water, draining, if renews there agitates continuously it, in perfect way, the photograph, so that any vestige of hipossulfito disappears.

This operation of laudering must last some hours, to guarantee the good and durable success of our work. Later, let us not admire in them if we will have in the hands crumpled up a colante and half photograph; we enxugaemos it, conserving hung it to a wire, for one I sing, by means of a cramp to arrest clothes. Finally, we will cut to eaves according to our taste, eliminating the clear signals, left for the rubber bands.

Let us examine, now, together, friends cybernautas, the infinite possibilities that this process offers in them. Photographing all the leves that we have in our power and writing next to each one the name, we make a gorgeous and uncommon herbário, that will have the advantage of never if spoiling and this without any special care of our part. We will pass, later photographing butterflies of all the species and largenesses; we will content irmãzinha or irmãozinho, that they will desire to the photo of its mãozinha opened e, finally, we will dedicate in them to the photograph and illustration reproduction real. In this last field, I guarantee to them, I can vary very and satisfy our desire with shining pleasure.

We will serve ourselves of illustrations and until drawings in colors, after to have in the assured one of that they do not bring, in the verse, characters of the press or other engravings, and this for the evident reason of that also these would be reproduced, setting it the figures that we desire to photograph. The normal photographs, on the contrary, to be reproduced, do not have to be already “mounted” for the photographer on cardboard, or will have to be free of this, putting them in the clean water. By the way of photographs, the habitual intelligent youngster will have, still, something to object. We know already, we want to say it us that, in its photograph, the papa will leave with all the white hair and the dark face. Really, photographing photographs of people, we will have that to make two “poses”, because, with the first one, we will only get a “negative” (that is, them he will appear black what he is white) e, with the second exposition, for which we will execute process the same, we will get, on the contrary, a” positive ", that is, the most natural photograph. We can serve us of two expositions, to photograph any subject, since that let us prefer to reproduce the clear-dark ones faithful, that, of another side, if kept in negative, they can create original, decorative effect. I know a youngster who glue in its album positive photographs to the side of its negatives and, collating them well of close, nor always the first ones seemed preferable to second. In any way, after a certain time, the experience will suggest to them when one second exposition will be necessary.

E now, expensive friends cybernautas, before launching in them to the work, let us consider plus an interesting possibility: of appositive, with its friends, who will reveal certainly skeptical, on our ability of photographers without camera and to gain the appositive one, of course.

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