Temperature lower of the universe in the “Great Colisor”

Reduction of the temperature up to 271 negative degrees made of this the place most cold.

The Great Colisor de Hadrões all changedded this week into the place most cold of the universe, where the temperature went down to the 271 negative centigrade degrees.

In the gigantic particle accelerator, situated in the border between Switzerland and France, the scientists had used liquid helium to lower the temperature, being obtained to thus reach a slightly superior value to the “absolute zero” (- 273,15°C), lowest possible. This temperature was reached in the eight sectors of the tunnel of 27 quilómetros that shelters the great colisor.

This complex and gigantic scientific device it is destined to projectar particles of protões ones against the others, allowing to generate similar energy to produced after Big Bang.

The Colisor entered in functioning in September of the last year.

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