The cockroach says that it has… superantibiotic

The cockroachs are white of a mixing feeling of mourning and disdain for the humanity. On the other hand, we associate them it the garbage and nastiness and for another one is extreme-resistant. But they are these characteristics that justify the molecule production capable to kill dangerous bacteria, and that they can give origin to the new antibiotic generation.

“Many times the flyers live in not sanitary and higiénicos environments and find different types of bacteria. It is therefore logical that they have developed forms to fight”, explained to the BBC News Simon Lee, investigator in the University of Nottingham.

The brains of the cockroachs and the lobsters contain nine molecules that are toxic to the lineages of the resistant bacteria to antibiotics. Using these substances in laboratory, the investigator obtained a superior mortality the 90 percent in dangerous bacteria as certain lineages of the aureus Escherichia coli or the Staphylococcus resitente to the meticilina.

“A mortality of 90 percent is very great, and I diluted this substance very so that the concentration was small. The conventional antibiotics reduce the number of bacteria and leave our imunitário system to make the remaining portion. Therefore, to have something that produces a mortality so high and that it is so powerful with a small dose is very promising”, defended the investigator.

It equips it goes to make tests with other bacteria. Much more years of inquiry go to be necessary so that these substances can be used as antibiotic.

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