Researchers German create car directed for the look

a vehicle directed only with the look is possible, according to an archetype developed for a German university, baptism of “Spirit of Berlin”, that it made tests of direction in this friday, in the track of the airport of Tempelhof, in the south of the German capital.

One is solely about a small bus of the Dodge mark adapted for the Free University of Berlin (FU, of the acronym in German) to be directed with the look, without the hands have to touch the projection.

The archetype gave returns in the track of the disactivated German airport. “This type of vehicle is forbidden in the normal ways of circulation”, said Raul Rojas, of Mexican origin, specialist in computer science and director of the department of “artificial intelligence” that develops this technology.

Its colleague, who occupied the place of the driver, used a helmet endowed with a camera that foca the eyes. The minimum movement is transmitted the computer transforms that it into impulse sent to the direction of the vehicle.

Full of receivers, handles and processors, the vehicle is also capable to pardon an eventual lack of attention of the driver, since if it will not have no curve in the place for which the sight was deviated, the automobile annuls the order to turn.

Baptism of “Spirit of Berlin”, this small technological jewel, with cost around 150.000 euros, is “a step route to the car without driver”, explains Rojas, that arrived Berlin has 27 years.

The department of “artificial intelligence” of the FU of Berlin is, as well as the American universities of Stanford and of Carnegie Mellon, in the leadership of the research in this sector, it explains.

But the production in mass of this vehicle still is far from occurring. For this, the 30 years will be necessary of 20 so that the technology ripens and so that the vehicles are authorized for the legislation, conclude Rojas.

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