Acariciar dog can help sick people of the heart

To pass some minutes acariciando a dog can diminish the anxiety of a sick person of the heart and even though to help inthe recovery of it during a hospital internment, researchers of U.S.A. in this tuesday had said.

The beneficial effect of the contact with the animal had been bigger of what when the sick people with cardiac insufficience had received the visit from a volunteer or when they had been left alone, had affirmed the scientists during a meeting of the American Association of the Heart.

“This therapy justifies that let us analyze with seriousness this option as a therapy auxiliary for the case of people with cardiac insufficience. The dogs represent a great comfort”, said Kathie Cole, nurse of the University of the Medical Center of California (U.S.A.), that it commanded the study.

“They leave the people happyest, calmer. They make with that the people feel themselves loved more. This is something very important when the person is if feeling rightened and badly.”

It estresse it can get worse the picture of a cardiac sick person, but It glue said that nobody had so far evaluated with depth if measured simple of relief estresse of it, as to acariciar an animal, could help in such a way that it could be measured.

The team of Glue discovered that one visits of 12 minutes of a dog helps the functions cardiac and respiratory, diminishing the pulmonary pressure, reducing the harmful hormone production and fighting the anxiety.

The scientists had evaluated 76 people with cardiac insufficience interned in a hospital. From this group, some had received the visit of a dog per 12 minutes, others had received the visit from a trained volunteer and others had been alone.

The anxiety indices had fallen 24 percent for the sick people visited for a dog, 10 had fallen percent for that had received the visit from a person and had remained unchanged for whom they had not received no visit.

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