Son loses the arm and goes to sleep not to take quarrel of the mother

n the last one fourth, in the city of Ulm, the south of Germany, a boy of 4 years of age lostthe arm in a terrible domestic accident and was for the hidden bed, without counting to nothing pra nobody, from fear taking quarrel of the mother.

With aid of its older brother, the boy rolled the arm in a towel and was for bed. The brother botou the member amputated inside of freezer and was pra bed also.

In the following morning, when the mother was to wake up it, it would have asked for excuses for having lost the arm.

- Excuse, mami. I was to play and lost my arm. I did not want, it I would have said.

The boy was taken of ambulance for the hospital, together with the arm, that cannot be implanted in return.

- It Was nothing less than a miracle not to have bleed until the death during the night, said Wolfgang Juergens, on behalf of the policy of Ulms

The accident happened because the boy was playing, together with the brother of 11, with a machine to wash old, that partially it was disassembled and its arm was imprisoned when it was on.

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