20 things that the Internet is destroying

Below it is a list reformulated and adapted with 20 things, between social habits and positions, that the Internet is destroying:

1 - The art to disagree educadamente
The insignificant quarrels of the beginning ones of the YouTube can not be representative, but certainly the Internet sharpened the tone of the debates. The world of blogs seems incapable to accept the opinion differences. E trolls grows in each sings of web.

2 - Fear of being the only person of the world not touched for the death of a celebrity
The Twitter if became a tribune opened for jokes on the death of famous people. Some of very bad taste, but an antidote “I fight for it” of the fans who, of another form, would predominate.

3 - To hear a record of the beginning to the end
Singles is one of the improbable benefits of the Internet. On the other hand, she is not more necessary to aguentar eight musics boats to be able to hear one or two that they are valid the penalty. But, on the other hand, albums that are valid the penalty will have the hearing that they deserve?

4 - Pontualidade
Before the cellular ones, the people needed to keep its commitments and to arrive at the restaurant in the alias process. To send text messages five minutes before informing the friends of the delay if became one of the dismissable coarsenesses of the age of the conectividade.

5 - Lists of telephone
You can find everything that to want in the Internet, with data much more complete of what the old ones and mofadas Yellow Pages.

6 - Store of music
In a world where the people are not made use to pay for music, to charge of them R$ 30 for 12 musics of a fragile plastic box inside, definitively, it is not a good model of business.

7 - Memory
When almost all fact, does not import obscure and mysterious quão, can be esmiuçado in seconds through the Google or of the Wikipedia, “mere” the storage and recovery of knowledge in its mind if it became less valued.

8 - Concentration
Who, between the Gmail, the Twitter, the Facebook and the Google News, obtains to work? A new trend of concentration riot that if develops.

9 - To decorate telephone numbers
After typing the numbers in the agenda of its cellular one, you never more it goes to look at for them of new.

10 - Conspiratórias theories
The Internet constantly is repudiated as dominated for eccentric people, but, throughout the years, if it showed much more inclined to discredit conspiratórias theories instead of perpetuating them.

11 - To fill forms in the last page of books
Next to this today they are the services of the virtual bookstores as “Customers who had also bought this book had bought…”

12 - Albums of photos and projections of slides
Facebook, Flickr and sites of impression of photos as Snapfish are the new way for which we share our photos. At the beginning of this year, Kodak announced to be discontinuing the production of its classic Kodachrome film due to demand.

13 - To depend on agents of trips to mark vacation
To embark in a vacation trip, we do not need more to pass obligatorily for the agent of trips, who insistently tries to vender that “imperdível” package. Sites specialized inside mounts the trip of the dreams of the possible budget.

14 - Anxious adolescents for its first Playboy
The onipresença of gratuitous and weighed pornography in the Internet finished more with one feared rites to them of ticket for the adolescent boys: the purchase of pornography magazines. Because to tremble in the line to buy the last Playboy if you can lower mountains of obscenities direct in its bed?

15 - Wristwatches
To be moving in the pocket to catch its cellular one can not be so elegant how much to look at for a wristwatch, but is more economic and practical of what walking for there with two equipment.

16 - Artists not yet discovered
To place its paintings or poems online is so easy, that the unknown artists do not have more excuses.

17 - To write letters
Email is faster, cheap and convenient. To receive a letter written by hand from a friend if became a pleasure rare, and until nostalgic. As consequencia, formal phrases of farewell as “With the best greetings” had been substituted by a simple ones “Were valid”.

18 - To kill time
When it was the last time that you passed one hour looking at the world for the window, or reading again its favourite book? The attraction of the Internet on our attention is implacable e, each time, more difficult to resist.

19 - To attend folloied television
The Internet allows that relatives and friends attend the same programs in different schedules and different places, finishing with the meaning of that he was one of the most attractive cultural apelos of the middle class, the shared experience. Together programs to attend television, if still exist, if they limit the esportivos events and reality shows.

20 - The lunch interval
You leave its computer to lunch? Or he eats a personal sandwich while he answers e-mails and he confers the last promotions of aerial tickets?

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