Small doubts

How it is that the Tarzan always was shaved?

Why the Flinstones commemorated the Christmas, if they lived before Christ?

Why the series if called “Impossible Mission”, if they always obtained to carry through the missions?

Why the films of space battles have so barulhentas explosions, if the sound does not spread in the vacuum?

Why that film with Kevin Costner if calls “Dance with Wolves” if it only appears a wolf during all history?

How the men obtain to keep as many details of some games of soccer?

If the men are all equal ones, why the women choose in such a way?

Why the women open the mouth when are passing some cream in the face?

Why Kamicases pilots used helmets?

Why “the Great” word is minor who “the Small” word?

Why “Separate” if it writes everything together and “Everything Together” if it writes separate?

If the wine is liquid, as can be dry?

How is written zero in Roman number?

Why the moons of the other planets have names and ours it is called alone moon?

Why when people bind for a wrong number never of the busy one?

Why the people press the remote control with more force, when the stack are weak?

The institute that emits the certificates of quality ISO 9000 has quality certifyd for who?

Why qdo appears in the computer the phrase “Keyboard Not Installed”, the manufacturer asks for to press any keyboard key?

When they had invented the clock, as knew that hours were, to be able to make right it?

If science obtains to unmask until the mysteries of the DNA, why nobody discovered still the formula of Coca-Cola?

Why qdo you stops in the red signal, always has somebody in the car of the side with the finger in the nose?

If after the bath we are clean, why we wash the towel?

How it was that the plate “Is forbidden To step on In the Gram” was placed there?

Why qdo somebody asks for in that let us help to look them a lost object, has the craze to ask “Where was that you lost”?

Why it has people that she wakes up the others to ask if they were sleeping?

If the Donald Duck does not use pants, because it leaves the bath rolled in a towel?

Because the mirror inverts the images of a side for the other, but it does not invert from top to bottom?

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