10 more strange Illnesses of the world

me the research of the Australian periodical Sydney Morning Herald related some of the syndromes more strange than they reach the human being. They can seem doideiras, but for each one of these illnesses a battalion of doctors exists trying to discover the cause. E mainly the cure.

After to suffer to a collision or any another type of injury in the brain, the victims of this riot start to say with sotaque French… or Italian… or Spaniard. The language varies, but, in the majority of the cases, the victims are unaware of the new language. According to scientists, the pronunciation is not effectively foreign, only of a impression of this. Researchers of the University of Oxford, England, believe that the symptom is caused by a trauma in responsible areas of the brain for the language, provoking changes in the tune, in the pronunciation and in other characteristics of it speaks. A well recent case of the syndrome of sotaque rolled with the British Lynda Walker, in the last month. After one infarto, Lynda woke up speaking with sotaque jamaicano.

After to suffer a disillusion with the spouse, the parents or any another relative, the person starts to believe that they had been kidnapped and substituted by imposters. The symptom for times if return against the proper victim: to if looking in the mirror, it also it believes that it is seeing the image of an impostor. Total neurosis! The problem tends to reach more people from the 40 years and its causes not yet are known. The syndrome was discovered by French psychiatrist Jean Marie Joseph Capgras, described who it for the first time in 1923. In extreme degrees, the victim finds that until inanimate objects, as chairs, tables and books, had been substituted by accurate rejoinders.

“My hand acted on account proper…” This used excuse for some cafajestes can be true. The syndrome in question alien hand syndrome, in English makes that one of the hands of the victim seems to gain life proper. The problem mainly reaches people with injuries in the brain or that they had passed for surgeries in the region. The hard one is that the sick person not quick attention in the silly hand, until it makes some besteira. The crazy hand is capable of complex actions, as to open zíperes… The effect of the lack of control on the hand can be reduced giving a task any, task to it any, as to hold an object.

Illness that provokes distortions in the visual perception of the victim, making that some next objects disproportionately seem very small. The riot was described for the first time in 1955, for the English psychiatrist John Todd, baptized who it in homage to the book of Lewis Carroll. In the workmanship, the Alice protagonist enxerga desproporcionais things, as one was in a “trip” provoked by LSD. The victims of the syndrome also see distortions in the proper body, believing that she has left of it is moving of form or size.

This also strange name does not have nothing of ponographic: it pricks is a Latin word derived from handle, a type of pigeon that eats any thing. E pricks it the syndrome, is clearly… makes this accurately: the person feels a compulsory appetite for not eatable things, as adobe, rocks, tocos of cigarettes, ink, hair… The problem reaches pregnant more and children. After to eat much nastiness involuntarily, the glutãos are with rocks calcificadas in the stomach. In 2004, medical Frenchmen had taken care of one gentleman of 62 years who devorava currencies. Although the efforts, it died. With about 600 dollars in the stomach…

The name bizarro is a reference the Ondina, nymph of waters in European heathen mythology. The illness, more stranger still, makes with that the victims lose the control of the breath.

If not to be intent, the citizen simply forgets to breathe and finishes suffocated! The syndrome was discovered has 30 years and already they exist about 400 cases in the world. Researchers of the hospital Enfants Malades, of Paris, believe that the illness is related with a called gene THOX2B. The central nervous system if neglects of the breath during sleep and the necessary sick person to sleep with a fan in the face not to be without air!

Extreme depression, where the sick one starts to believe that already it died has some years. It finds that it is a ambulant corpse and that all to its return also are died. In extreme cases, the citizen says that it can feel its meat apodrecendo and worms taking a walk for the body… In the final phase, the victim even leaves to sleep and its illusion can effectively become reality. The name of the illness make reference to reference the French doctor Jules Cotard, described who it for the first time in 1880. Although depressive and certain of that it is deceased, the sick person, contradictorily, also can present megalomaníacas ideas, as the belief in the proper one immortality.

If you already dreamed never more in feeling no pain, care with what she asks for… The victims of this illness do not feel pains, but this is a problemão. They are citizens not to suffer accidents because they stop to register any acknowledgment of damage in fabrics of the body, as cuts or burnings. The illness is caused by a mutation in gene IKBKAP of chromosome 9 and was described for the first time for the doctors Milton Riley and Richard Lawrence Day. Without the acknowledgment of danger that pain provides to the common people, the majority of the sick people with the syndrome of Riley-Day tends to die young, before the 30 years, because of wounds.

Also known as koro, this mental riot leaves the person vain of whom its genital ones are disappearing. The majority of the cases until today was told in countries of Asia or Africa, and in many of them the syndrome seems to have been contagious! One of the most strange episodes occurred in Cingapura, in 1967, when the local service of health registered hundreds of cases of men who believed that its penis was disappearing. An only case of the syndrome of the genital reduction was registered until today in Brazil, in the Institute of Psychiatry of the USP. Convinced that its penis was disappearing, the sick person tried to commit suicide with two machete blows in the abdomen!

The blind expression “of emotion” exists in the practical one, and can happen with any normal person. The problem was discovered recently by researchers of the University of Yale, in the United States. After looking at for some strong image, mainly with ponographic content, the majority of the people loses the sight for a short space of time - we décimos of second in the truth. So far, no specialist obtained to explain the reason of this reaction. The discovery of the emotional blindness gave origin to a movement in the American Congress so that all is banished the advertising with appeals erótico in great highways the country.

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