Why we feel sleep after the lunch?

After the meals the organism suffers some alterations that in the ones of a sensação of false hibernação. This sensation occurs when the food arrives at the stomach, therefore at this moment it concentrates greater amount of the corporeal sanguineous flow in this region with the purpose to facilitate its process.

The concentration of the sanguineous flow in the region of the stomach (that it is extended until the intestine) makes with that the brain is less oxigenado and the irrigated nervous system less. Also the interruption of the alert state of cerebral happens. This interruption happens because of the present sugar in the foods that make with that the nervous cells, that leave in them alert, stop to liberate the necessary signals for such state. Of this form, the sugar makes with that the nervous cells send to the brain the saciedade state that promotes the cycle described above and consequently sleep.

Because of the effect promoted for the sugar it is that one sends regards to diminish the rich food ingestion in glucose in the meals, mainly in the lunch when still something is had to make, so that the signals of alert of the nervous cells are not interrupted.

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