Apollo 11

The memorable flight of Apolo XI for the Moon happened hasone decade more than -- time sufficient this to have been entronado in our mythologies and books of history. It marked first landing of the man in another world in the space. He symbolized the capacities of the American technology and administration of century 20.

For the world of investigators, enthusiastic and opponent OVNI, the flight of Apolo XI also it was important. The center of a vast body of stories of foreign meeting in this epic space trip became. Throughout the years, dozens of histories had been literally written on avistamentos presumptions and made photographs of OVNIs during that particular mission in July of 1969.

Most prestigious of histories of Reality is the note in Edge in which Dr. J. Allen Hynek, the “dean of the UFOlogia”, passes the story of that “This was the mission in which as stories a OVNI pursued espaçonave”. A colleague said the Hynek that “during Apolo 11, Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins had said that they had observed a OVNI”. Hynek agreed, and elaborated: “Some of the pictures of the films of NASA that I examined were very interesting -- particularly those taken in the flight of Apolo 11, one of the few for which NASA did not consider some type of explanation”.

In Science Digest, respected periodic scientific monthly, the astronomer-author James Mullaney (collaborating former-publisher for the magazine of Astronomy) wrote in July of 1977 that “the crew of Apolo 11, during the first lunar landing, told that the capsule was folloied for what it seemed to be a mass of intelligent energy…. NASA recently liberated some impressive not-identified photos truily for the Gemini, Apollo and Skylab”.

The press OVNI reported widely such histories, as much in books as in films and magazines.

Perhaps UFOs Past, Present and Future (written for Robert Emenegger, searched for Alan Frank Sandler) told “the most spectacular of all avistamentos” that occurred in Apolo 11. In the way for the Moon, the astronauts had attended an object that seemed to move of form when they changed the magnificações of its telescope. “Really strange Age”, Collins is cited saying.

The Fate magazine, in the column of the publisher You tan Fuller “I See By The papers” [“I I see for documents”] (November 1970), it examined histories and it concluded: “Buzz Aldrin Seems to very have good evidence of that, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins turns something that was not become widely known -- something told of varied form, going of mysterious lights the formations of espaçonaves”

The authenticity of the avistamentos of Apolo 11 was certified by certification attributed to the anchor of the net of the news CBS, Walter Cronkite. In an interview for National Enquirer, lead for the reporter Robin Leach, Cronkite of this story: “In the route for the first landing in the Moon of the world, Armstrong and the crew they had transmitted an information fantastic, and I was there for ouviz it”.

Cronkite continued: “Armstrong affirmed to have seen an enormous object cylindrical that was turning or falling between the ship and the moon. He is registered officially in the archives of register of the NASA that Armstrong indicated that it was to take off photographs, but the object disappeared so fast how much it had seen it first. Neil Armstrong is not a given man the fantastic imagination and he was not only one of the crew who saw this -- all they capsize, and you have that to respect these men”.

This also was good the sufficient one for Acredite For being wanted of Ripley. In ends of 1978 they had published a series of quadrinhos distributed for periodicals dealing with OVNIs; a panel contained the drawing of astronauts and the legend, “the astronaut Neil Armstrong… saw OVNIs during the space mission. But NASA -- in accordance with the reporter Walter Cronkite -- it is keeping the evidence in secrecy”.

But the secrecy leaked a little, in accordance with the McGraw-Hill Publishing Company. In 1979 they had published a book of David C. Knight, intitled UFOs: The pictorial History. A space photograph occupying all page 171 possesss this legend: “Perhaps the most spectacular of all avistamentos of OVNI in the space have occurred in day 19 of July of 1969 in the flight of the Apolo-XI…. The crew saw a strange object between its ship and the moon…. The object still remains not identified”. (The puristas could have noticed that the object shown in the page was between the ship and the Land, but who thus wants to be detalhista when dealing with fantastic histories).

An idea of what these secrets could involve can be gotten of a summary of the estórias of Apolo 11 published by Mike Harris in a bulletin OVNI New$zealander in 1974:

Of the launching of Apolo 11 in day 16 of July of 1969 until espaçonave to pass the medium point between the Land and the Moon in the following day, the three astronauts had observed a U.F.O following them. Two days later, in the 19 of July approximately 1800 hours, U.F.O.s had made another appearance and had been registered in film. The details of this extensive film were: in the day before the Aldrin moon landing if it transferred to the lunar module “Eagle” and started the final checagens of instrument. While it conferred the photographic machine of close-up, the U.F.O.s had entered in the picture. Still under comment, the objects had been seen emitting what it seemed some type of liquid. The two objects were in next formation and if they would join and separate some time after and they had been in its proper way. The objects intelligently seemed to be controlled, the astronauts had said. The third avistamento during this epic flight happened in day 21 of July, 00,26 hours. For return of one hour and stocking before, Neil Armstrong and Aldrin had stepped on in the moon. While they were busy collecting rocks, Collins in the Module of Command “Columbia” was busy speaking for Houston.

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