The Bible says:
“These nefilins were the braves, the reputation men, that had inthe seniority.” Gênesis 6.4

“Before they had inhabited in it emins, people great e numerous, and high as anaquins; they also are considered refains as anaquins; but the moabitas call them emins.” Deuteronômio 2.10-11

“Because only Ogue, king of Basã, were of remaining portion of refains; here it is that its stream bed, an iron stream bed, is not porventura in Rabá of the amonitas? Its length of nine is côvados [4 meters], and of four côvados [1,78 meters] its width, according to côvado in use.” Deutoronômio 3.11

“Also we saw there nefilins, that is, the children of Anaque, who are descending of nefilins; we were to our eyes as grasshoppers; e thus also we were to its eyes.” Numbers 13.33

Science confirms:
It has about 5.500 years, the stature human being was very high. Men in the Mesopotâmia existed whose stature exceeded 4 meters. The first giants, calls in the Bible of Nefilins (enfilins in the Hebrew original that it means “fallen” or “deserters”) could still more be high.

In the ends of years 50 during the construction of a road the Southeast of Homs, in the Valley of the Eufrates, Southeast of Turkey, region next to where the dilúvio lived Noah after, had been found some tombs of giants. They had 4 meters of length, and inside of two they were bones of the thigh (fêmur human) measuring about 120 centimeters of length. It is calculated that this human being approximately had a height of 4 meters and feet of 53 centimeters. One of the bones is being commercialized for TM. Fossil Blanco Museum in the city of Crosbyton, Texas, U.S.A., at the cost of 450 dollars.

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