You wise person who the cooling ones assist in the precocious aging?

A study published in daily Daily Mail it assures that the cooling ones can cause the oldness before the foreseen one. The scientists alert of the danger them fosfatos que abundam in gaseous drinks and that it is basic ingredient to revive its flavor, he is subtle harmful therefore can speed up the deterioration of our organism.

Despite the specialists of the University of Harvard have made experiences only with rats, they believe that the results can have the same effect in the human beings. Between some consequências it is the consumption of skin and muscles, beyond the damages that provoked to the heart and the kidneys. Lamentably the fosfato meets also in other foods as processed meats, crayons and breads.

The exaggerated consumption of only two refrigerecos is sufficiently preoccupying since latinhas per week are enough for the increase of the risk to suffer of fragile bones, pancreático cancer, muscular atony and paralysis.

The recommendation of the scientists is clear, to have a healthful and balanced and distant diet of gaseous drinks. The balance in all scope of the life is essential and in the feeding it would not be different.

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