To take multivitaminic can cause cancer

In the last times, the antirust vitamins have been seen as the super-heroes of the health, always ready young mento fight the villains of the organism, called radical free. This speech was being repeated for the common sense of the popular medicine throughout the last decade, until arriving at the point where we are, where they repeat it to the consumers without knowing what it means.
Thus, the people had started to buy, for salty prices, concentrated of these substances (in general, the vitamin tablets), that they are found in natural foods as fruits, vegetables and cereals. Scientists of an institute of health of Los Angeles (U.S.A.) had discovered that intent vitamin pills C and can increase the cancer risk.
The free radicals are produced of course by the body, but they are harmful to our fabrics, what it speeds up the aging. As they possess vitamins (antirust), the fruits and vegetables had been raised to the status of elixir of the long life have some decades, therefore they fight the accumulation of radicals. Searching to increase the effect, the nourishing industry started to produce compressed with pure vitamins. E everything was propagandeado as the most efficient combat to the aging.
In the years, 90, however, the first negative effect of such miraculous pills was uncovered: they increase the possibilities of cancer in the lung. Now, others males are being disclosed: vitamins C and E, in excess, confuse in the repair of the DNA, what it can compromise the vital substance synthesis for the body.
Moreover, one uncovered that the free radicals are not of all bad. They are useful to exactly prevent the problem that the vitaminic pills provide: the cancer. The free radicals inhibit the eventual creation and growth of some cancerígenos tumors.
Here it is the advice of the doctors: not to consume these multivitaminic ones. The vitamin level in the human body can be kept in the ideal level with a normal diet of fruits and vegetables. Exactly exaggerated, the vegetable consumption does not provoke the harmful effect of tablets. In some cases, without a doubt, the natural one is optimum.

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