To think very can make the person to get fat?

A carried through study it showed that the people, after to carry through some works that they demand to use the cinereous mass well, eatmore, what will make, with the time, that the staff that works incessamente in the industrial area is each time more obeso, given to the fact of all day the attention and thoughts if they focam total in the work and the physical activity is almost null.

This if must to the fact of that the body reacts asking for food, so that glucose can be reestablished, that it is a power plant of the brain, since it used much energy in the activity exerted at the study moment or concentration.

For that every day they are in the college studying, studying very to be able to arrive to have a good income, for these it is advisable that they keep a rhythm of physical exercises in day, so that if can keep healthy the body. They also prevent much mass and fat, since, in case that the time is little for exercises, the body does not suffer with you ingesting these calóricos foods.
E, for that every day they use much energy to focar itself in working in companies of great transport whom they demand very of the employee, try to use to advantage the rest schedule well tax for the company, who generally, when the work is arduous, is of two hours.

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