You prefer ice cream of casquinha or small glass?

Following the steps of the research of the psychologist Fernando Dogana on the relation between alimentary choice and personality, the também Italian Viviana Finistrella, specialist in psychology of the nutrition of the Pediátrico Hospital Boy Jesus, in Rome, chose the ice cream as base of a similar analysis.

It counts that, since the times of the college, its interest was the development of the feeding in the evolutivas stages. The practical professional brought the possibility to study alimentary disfunções between the children, what she emphasized the idea of the intense connection between the food and the individual development and of the relations with the other.

According to specialist, the personality characteristics start if to structuralize for return of the 7 years of age, time where the preferences for food also are established. “In the base of these choices it is the flavor candy, because it is more pleasant, typical of maternal milk”, he says.

“Human they are premade use to refuse the bitter taste and the acid one, therefore many harmful substances possess these characteristics”, explain. In evolutivos terms, this rejection has objective to protect the human being of threats of the nature. “The good entendedor will conclude that the apreciadores of these flavors are people who do not hesitate in defying the danger”, complete Finistrella.

Which its ice cream?
Making mystery on the details of the research, that still is in course, the psychologist only discloses that she detached the main characteristics of the ice cream, forms of consumption, presentation and consistency.

Breaking of the comment of all these elements, she compared them it the behaviors of each participant of the study. “She is clearly that only differences and nuances in each personality exist, and that they do not admit identification through this method. But the found basic traces are common to all”, conclude.

It sees which the common characteristics of personality to who prefers definitive forms of ice cream presentation, according to research:

Casquinha: it is the choice of who prefers sensorial an experience complete, counting on the security of the final satisfaction. Who prefers this format is almost always a guloso type.

Picolé: to the first sight, who likes this type of ice cream is a person endowed with initiative, adores to try some types of possible flavors, but at the same time if it shows unsafe, therefore it demonstrates to necessity of some tangible reminiscência - the proper palito, to play or to only keep it in the mouth.

Geladinho: its apreciador has personality of the imediatista-independent type, that it looks for pleasures that can be lived in the hour. Because of this characteristic, the frustrations of the wait tolerate little.

Biscuit stuffed with ice cream: rare in Brazil, this form of presentation attracts people whom they need security. It seems a snack prepared for the mother, where it has of everything - until the biscuit that remembers the necessity of a bigger dose of affective nutrition.

Small glass: he is the preferred one of the comedidos types most controlled and. It is the only ice cream that does not allow freedom in the form to eat and demands the one use colherinha. He is the preferred one of who does not allow to leave itself to lead, granting a pleasure (that it can make dirty the hands or the clothes), or of that they need to keep the good ways, exactly that is for same itself.

Ice cream bonbon: synonymous of modern-current personality. It is a typical choice of our time. It is the ice cream of who it adores to have a well-being reserve, a lesser pleasure, that is not become enlarged, but is repeated in the time. Moreover, it can be appreciated in some different contexts (enclosed the work environment).

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