E if the chocolate to cause depression?

A group of North American investigators discovered that who consumes chocolate regularly has more depressive trends. Although to admit that the chocolate can, to have effectively, the pto oder to improve the mood, believe that this can be a cause, more than what one cure, for the depression.

The study it happened on about a thousand adults and worse showed that the more chocolate the individuals ate, its mood. The ones that had consumed six tablets for month more than had exactly reached the peak of a used scale to measure the depressive states.

The doctors who had made the study allege that other explanations for the refined facts can exist. One of the hypotheses advanced for the physicians of the University of California is of that the depressed people consume chocolate as a “self-medication” to improve the mood; That the depression can, only for itself, to lead to the appetite for chocolate is another one of the possibilities advanced, without, however, from there any positive results result.

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