OK, at the risk of this blog being type-cast as an insurance blog, I feel compelled to talk about my car insurance quote experience today. I've been thinking lately that our car insurance is way too high. Before I got married I only had one car to insure, and it wasn't a fancy, new one, with a Hemi, like I have now. So, my car insurance was never a huge expense. But, now my wife and I have two new cars, and our insurance is more than double what I was paying before. So, today I did what any Net Savvy person would do. I went online looking for car insurance quotes. I found a site called, "AmericanCarQuotes."

On the website, AmericanCarQuotes, I was able to enter in some basic information about my wife and myself, our vehicles and driving records. I hit submit, then figured I'd get an e-mail in a day or two with a quote. While I waited I figured I'd dig into the website a little more, and see what they had to teach me. Well, I read a little bit about safety, then a little bit about Poor Driving Records, and then my phone rang. It was a call verifying the phone number I had used when I submitted my quote request. I hung up, then the phone rang again. This time it was from an insurance agent. Keep in mind, this was about five minutes after hitting "submit." I was unprepared for someone to be calling me so quickly, so I had to apologize and ask that they call me back later. I thought, "well, that was quick." So, I went to my e-mail in-box, and there were about half a dozen quotes from different insurance agencies. The good news is that our insurance is not extremely higher than the going rate. The bad news is.... well, the same as the good news.

OK, I swear my next blog entry will not be about insurance of any kind.... unless I buy a boat or something.

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